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Into the ACE: "Tom's showroom" is written in the wonderful title.

ACE's "previous life" and "this life"   The “National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition”hosted by the China Pesticide Industry Association is held in Shanghai every October. It is a professional pesticide trade and pesticide information exchange conference in China. It is also a good time for domestic enterprises to sign trade contracts for the coming year. opportunity. 2019 The 19th National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Produ ctsExhibition - The 4th China International Fertilizer Exhibition will be held from October 16th to 18th, 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.   This exhibition will actively promote the cooperation and information between the upstream and downstream industrial chain of pesticides and fertilizer production -raw material supply, raw and intermediate production, formulation processing, pesticide additives, packaging equipment, new fertilizers, agricultural machinery and other production enterprises. Exchange and promote domestic enterprises to expand into the international market.   Tom Glory moment   The 12th China Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award     On October 15, 2019, during the exhibition, the “Tenteenth National Pesticide Exchange Conference” theme forum (Yangong Forum) hosted by the China Pesticide Industry Association was held in Shanghai Pudong Sheraton. The 2nd China Pesticide Innovation Contribution Awards Presentation Ceremony.   Jiangsu Tom Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. With the "automatic intelligent filling production line" project Won the China Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award “Technology Innovation Award Second Prize” This is Tom's highest national award: as a smart equipment company serving agrochemicals, won the second prize of the pesticide innovation contribution award, which is the highest award in the equipment category. This is the supreme honor of our Tom 100 technical team, we are Tom. People feel extremely glorious and proud! List of winners Tang Jianhua, Xu Genbao, Cai Jian, Liu Lu, Chen Yulong   Glory has never been born, nor is it an individual. It is the result of the joint efforts of more than 720 employees of the “100-person technical team” and“100-person loyal staff team” in Jiangsu Tom Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and each colleague here. Celebrate together.   1.There is a constant stream of visitors to the Tom booth. 2.The industry's big coffee stopped to understand Tom's wisdom 3.Sales staff warmly welcome visitors 4.Foreign merchants liked Tom’s creation Product introduction   50-1000ml high-speed weighing type filling and intelligent filling lineDYZ-280 horizontal bag packaging machine